Chakra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning “wheel” or “vortex” in which life force energy flows.  We have seven major chakras that run throughout our body.  Each energy center, or chakra, is associated with an emotional and physical aspect.  When we are dealing with negative thoughts and feelings, whether they come from others or ourselves, these centers can become lodged from them.  This in turn reduces the amount of subtle energy the chakras are able to provide which then adversely affects our health.  Reiki can help balance the chakras so that healing and restoration takes place.


1st- Chakra (Root)  

  • Location-base of the spine

  • Related to issues of grounding, self preservation, survival, sense of belonging and security

  • Associated with the adrenals, excretory system and spine

  • Element-Earth

2nd Chakra (Sacral) 

  • Location-reproductive area

  • Related to issues of self gratification, creativity, new ideas, sexuality

  • Associated with the testes and ovaries

  • Element-Water

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus)     

  • Location-abdomen/stomach area

  • Related to issues of self-esteem, personal power, self definition and confidence

  • Associated with the digestive system and pancreas

  • Element-Fire

4th Chakra (Heart)

  • Location-chest

  • Related to issues of compassion and love, self-acceptance

  • Associated with the circulatory system and the thymus

  • Element-Air

5th Chakra (Throat)

  • Location-neck

  • Related to issues of communication, self-expression, expressing your truth

  • Associated with larynx, lungs, thyroid and parathyroid

  • Element-Sound

6th Chakra (Third Eye)

  • Location-between the eyes

  • Related to issues of insight and intuition, imagination and vision, self reflection

  • Associated with lower brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, and pituitary gland

  • Element-Light

7th Chakra (Crown)

  • Location-top of head

  • Related to issues of higher consciousness, pure awareness, spirit and enlightenment

  • Associated with the upper brain, and nervous system

  • Element-thought


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