About Reiki

Reiki is a holistic healing modality that works on the body, mind and spirit.  It is neither a religion nor a system of religious beliefs, but rather a healing method to increase a person’s vital energy to help the body heal itself.  Just as most people feel better or ease their pain by placing hands on an injured part of their bodies, so too does the higher, intensified energy of Reiki work.  Acting as a conduit, a Reiki practitioner uses vibrational energy that flows from the practitioner’s hands to the client. The benefits of Reiki include accelerating natural healing, relieving stress and pain, inducing deep relaxation, helping release emotional blockages, and balancing the body’s subtle energy centers.  Reiki is complimentary and may be used in addition to traditional medical treatments.  It is offered in over 800 hospitals in the United States such as Johns Hopkins, Stanford Medical Center and Yale School of Nursing.


The word Reiki is actually a combination of two words from the Japanese language-Rei and Ki.  Generally speaking, Rei means God’s wisdom, higher intelligence, or higher power.  Ki means universal life force energy.  Therefore, Reiki can be translated as spiritually guided life force energy.  Life force energy is what flows through all living things.  It is the living energy that sustains the life of organs, cells, tissue, and blood. It is what connects all living things together.  Life force energy is also considered our connective flow to the creator.  Because this energy comes from, and therefore guided by God or Source, it cannot harm and will only work for a person’s higher good.  When Reiki is flowing, from a practitioner’s hands onto a fully clothed person, it will work  where the practitioner is focusing to flush out and remove any negative Ki  in the body or unconscious mind. Thereby, restoring balance so that the body and mind can heal.



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